Dragon’s Prophet, Hearthstone Re-Balancing, SWTOR and more! | The Daily XP January 17th

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we have the card balancing in Hearthstone, mounted combat in Dragon’s Prophet
and the Star Wars Insider.  The Daily XP
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Today on the Daily XP:
Hearthstone Devs Talk About Card Balancing and Updates | [timer]29[/timer]
Mounted Combat Coming to Dragon’s Prophet | [timer]61[/timer]
Star Wars the Old Republic Insider Shares Galactic Starfighter and more | [timer]96[/timer]

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Following the latest update to Blizzard’s Hearthstone, lead
designer Eric Dodds took to the official website to explain how they are
tackling card balancing.  Balance is
incredibly important in the world of MMOs, but especially in the trading card
genre, as the cards represent 100% of in-game mechanics.  Of the most interesting points in the post
are the nerfing of the one turn kill cards, changing of the mana rules and
slight changes to cards that many considered overpowered.

Mounted combat is finally upon us in SOE’s Dragon’s
Prophet.  The latest trailer shows off
just how mounted combat works, and shows incredible action shots of both on
ground and in-air combat.  Now, mounted
combat in MMOs is not a new thing,  you
can find it in Lord of the Rings Online, but it’s definitely a step in the
right direction in immersion for a game that’s all about your dragon.  Additional updates in Dragon’s Prophet
include a new legendary dungeon, new bosses and more!

The latest edition of The Old Republic Insider offers a
behind the scenes look at the latest Galactic Starfighter update, the Kuat
Drive Yard Flashpoint Missions, as well as the next round of Cartel Market
Items coming to Star Wars the Old Republic. 
The video also teases a new event as well as some upcoming content
updates coming to the game.  Check out
that video via the link below!

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