Empire Online

Empire Online

Empire Online is a free-to-play mobile MMORPG from Lakoo available on both iOS and Android devices. The game boasts over 12 million players worldwide and features classic turn-based game battles. A good strategy will be key in defeating your friends, enemies and conquering the game’s more than 1,000 missions.

Players will have access to a massive variety of weapons, armor and other equipment through completing missions and building their empire. Over 6,000 unique items allow players to create a character that looks and plays unique according to their preferences. A character’s class will determine their base role when starting out, but that class does not limit the potential of a character! All skills can be learned cross-class. Combine items of any different sort to truly make your character your own.

In-game events are held on a regular basis in Empire Online to create new challenges for players and to give unique opportunities to earn new equipment. Use these items on your own character or trade them to others for other needed items or for money. Creating and overseeing your own business trades is just one of the benefits of playing in a mobile MMORPG setting like Empire Online.

More over, Empire Online’s mobile MMORPG capabilities allow players band together. Joining forces increases your power, which in turn will help you expand your empire beyond anything you thought possible. You can get by on your own, but you can thrive and excel with friends by your side.

Star Legends

Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles is a sci-fi mobile MMORPG set in a far corner of our galaxy during the 41st century. In this initial Star Legends installment, human privateers travel to the UCS Blackstar, a massive colony ship, to answer the call of fame and fortune. Two factions, the space-age humans and the alien threat known as the Vular, battle one another for resources, power and inter-galactic dominance.

The game features three classes, the Commando, the Operative and the Engineer. The Commando is a powerful warrior who is built to fortify and taunt his enemy. He is the heavy lifter of the game. The Operative class is the master of single target damage with deadly attacks that can weaken the enemy. The Engineer is a master of controlling and debuffing the enemies with their magical powers.

In the game you will fight monster, robots, pirates and evil corporations from around the galaxy as you fight a constant tide of violence in order to save humanity from what lurks in space.

Pocket Legends

Pocket Legends

Pocket Legends is a free to play action MMORPG from Spacetime Studios, available on your Android and iOS devices. Pocket Legends is one of the first full-fledged mobile MMOs and continues to bring fresh new content and a wealth of enjoyment for players around the world.

In Pocket Legends you must set out to save the world of Alterra from the El Queen who has over-run the world with her minions. There are three character classes to choose from, the Archer, the Enchantress and the Warrior. The Archer is a nimble bird-like humanoid with great eyesight, quick reflexes and a master of the bow and arrow. The Enchantress is a magic, mystical Elf who use their powers of nature to destroy their foes, and the Warrior is an Ursan (bear) powerhouse with a short temper and deadly blades. You will take your characters on a magical journey through vast dungeons, dark forests and wind-swept deserts on your way to adventure.

The game is completely free to play, with in-game micro-transactions that allow you to buy additional adventure areas, equipment and items through the in-game store.

Order and Chaos Online

[stat=Distribution]Android, iOS[/stat]
[stat=Free to Play]No[/stat]
[stat=Download Size][/stat]
[/review]Order and Chaos Online is an epic adventure MMORPG available on your Android and iOS mobile devices. The game features a vast fantasy world with thousands of players which create a massive online experience right in your hand.

Order and Chaos Online features an advanced character creation system to help you immerse yourself in the fantasy world with a fully customized hero. There are 5 races available along with over 1,000 skills and 2,200 pieces of equipment. The game features trading, challenges, making friends and enemies, the ability to join a guild and more.

Solstice Arena

Zynga bills Solstice Arena as the world?s first ?Speed
MOBA.? Though that?s a bit of an odd term, I can honestly say that it?s the
best way to describe this strange little game. See, Solstice Arena is a title
which kind of turns the traditional MOBA concept on its head.

There are no creeps or minion waves to farm. There?s only
one lane, and no jungle. There are no in-game levels; players have access to
all three of their champions? skills right out the door (though these abilities can be improved outside of matches by leveling up your character). Each champion is
limited to six items: armor, a helm, an accessory, a main-hand, an off-hand,
and boots. You can also choose to play the whole game using a controller.

The end result is a game which ? though one can see the very
vague similarities to games like League of Legends ? is effectively a black
sheep of its genre. Matches are short, chaotic and ? perhaps surprisingly ? a
hell of a lot of fun. Hey, this is Zynga we?re talking about. They?ve seen
better days.

Aside from items, characters progress by gathering a number
of different elements which appear scattered around the battlefield. Each
element is tied to a particular stat ? Sun, for example, reduces your
cooldowns, while Earth is tied to your attack damage. Each champion has one or
two ?core? elements to which the damage of their abilities is linked.

The map itself consists of two bases, each guarded by three
towers. These towers can dish out quite a bit of damage, but there?s a catch ?
they?ll only fire if a friendly champion is alive nearby. It?s the same deal
with the bases: eliminate the opposing team, and you?ve probably got a free

These two bases are separated by a central platform linked
by two bridges and surrounded by a river which slows anyone that walks on it,
and on which a chest spawns that grants a large gold bonus to the team that
captures it. The end result is that the center of the map forms into something
of a choke-point, as well as a hot-spot of conflict: this?ll probably be where
you?ll be spending most of your time when you aren?t defending or dead.

The champion pool is?reasonably varied, but it?s clear Zynga
drew on inspiration from quite a few sources. For example, the first champion I
unlocked ? Hanhock ? is oddly similar to League of Legends? Garen in
play-style, right down to a spinning attack (which the developers have cheekily
named ?spin to win.?) That said, every character I?ve seen so far has its own
distinct play-style, strengths, and weaknesses.

Now, given that this is a free-to-play, how the game manages
player payments is every bit as important as how it plays. I?m happy to report
that Solstice Arena actually man

ages a better job of the business model than
many of Zynga?s other titles. While saving up to unlock new characters is a bit
of a grind, the game never really pressures you directly to spend real money on
anything (though there are a few skins you could purchase, if you feel the
need). That’s definitely a welcome change from many of the money-grubbing titles we’ve been seeing with increasing frequency of late.

You can grab Solstice Arena either on Steam or through the game’s website