Eudemons Online Celebrates 7th Anniversary

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Eudemons Online fans have a lot to look forward to in coming weeks as the developers announce additional features planned to coincide with the Eudemons Online 7th Anniversary celebrations. Currently standing as one of the longer running MMO games on the internet, Eudemons Online has attracted millions of fans in its 7 years of release, offering unique, pet-driven combat mechanics and tons of traditional MMO features.

At the end of December last year the developers released a brand new class to the game world, the Necromancer and with it a brand new expansion, Cult of the Shadowed Sun. Now yet another expansion is on the horizon with the upcoming release of Dawn of Romance, scheduled to follow the 7th anniversary. The expansion brings with it new human Eudemons, dozens of new garments and brand new quests, all available without any additional costs.

A new flying mount is also scheduled for release. The EO team was recently quoted:

?As you can see, the awesome Azure Unicorn is one of the nicest PVP rewards, and it will become a usable mount, very soon!?

How would you feel if you could sit astride that horse as you fly over the cities and landscapes of the world? Sounds pretty incredible!

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