Finally! A Zombie Game With Freedom For Barricading

Sandswept Studios have just released information regarding the latest build for their upcoming zombie game, The Dead Linger. This build is one of the largest to hit the game since its alpha release and includes an exciting variety of new content including 100% free form barricading.

Although there’s other features in this update, the barricading is easily the most exciting. Players are now able to cut down trees for various types of wood and use that wood to barricade doors and windows. New tool features have also been added to allow players to construct their own creations using the various types of wood, with the only limit being the imagination of the user.

The update also includes two brand new buildings in the form of a huge office block and a secluded hunting cabin filled with loot. They’ve also included a variety of tiny upgrades that have been requested by the community. This includes different strength doors, the ability to break windows with firearms and a new approach to varying terrain to avoid any issues with buried houses.

The Dead Linger is now also available on Steam Greenlight, giving fans the opportunity to vote for Sandswept’s game to join the biggest digital distribution platform online. Show the game your support and vote here.

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