New Update Brings Dungeon Building to Allods Online

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Update 4.02 is incoming to Allods Online and with is comes a slew of new features, most notably the ability to generate your own dungeons and game content.  The new update will launch on the fifth of June and is titled Path to Victory.  Along with player created content, you will also find a huge upgrade to elite players’ private islands, a visual makeover, and an all new trade-skill.

Player created content has been a hot point in many MMORPGs to date and Allods Online hopes this new feature will take their game to the next level.  Players love to be able to create their own stuff in game, and creating new dungeons for everyone to enjoy is something that I personally have an interest in.  You may know that Neverwinter is also doing something similar with players creating dungeons and monsters to fill it out, along with prizes at the end.  Features like these are quite impressive, but its difficult to know whether or not players will really make use of it.

If you’re an Allods fan then tell me if these new changes are something good for the game or not?  Do you think it will bring in more players?

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