EVE Online’s Tiamat Update Looks Fantastic

EVE Online continues to dominate the science-fiction space in the world of the MMO and today developers CCP Games showcased some of the content in the highly anticipated February 2015 update, Tiamat. The news comes in the form of a new developer post highlighted on the official website, introducing the community to various details of the Tiamat update including changes to NPC characters and AI, player ships and stations, and elements of PvP combat.

[quote cite=”CCP Seagull, Executive Producer, EVE Online”]In the weeks leading up to EVE Fanfest you’ll see more communication from the EVE team about features coming to EVE in 2015, such as upcoming steps on improving sovereignty mechanics. The EVE Keynote at Fanfest will give the next big update on the big picture roadmap for EVE. It’s best viewed in person so grab your tickets and I’ll see you there!

Tiamat will see changes to NPC AI and ability, making them more dangerous to players, and further adjustments to projectile weapons and balance will add further depth to the PvE elements of combat.

Source: Official Website

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