EverQuest I Expansion Announced, Rain of Fear

It looks like EverQuest will be having a 20th major game release, Rain of Fear. It doesn?t want to be outdone by its successor, EverQuest II?s new expansion, it seems. The original game was released 13 years ago.   Rain of Fear continues the storyline that originated with the House of Thule expansion from a few years ago, and continued into last year?s expansion, Veil of Alaris.

Here are some of the things that they will be adding with the new expansion:

?  There is a new level cap.  The highest level has risen from 95 to 100.

?  Adding a way track aggro level with an aggro meter.

?  There are new Collection and Hunter tasks ? You are now able to gather various items and have the ability to track kills to gain new rewards and titles.

?  The capability to finally sell your wares from the Bazaar while being offline.

These are all new and exciting features that will be added with the new Rain of Fear expansion for players to get their hands on.
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