Final Hour: World War 2

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[/review]Final Hour: World War II is a strategy simulation game by China-based ZQGame known for such games as Shadowland Online and Total Recall. As the title suggest, the game handles the theme of World War 2. But that is only the fundamental background and the moment you enter the game, you will realize the game primarily offers a city building mechanic equivalent of Operation Gamma 41 and War 2 Glory.

You begin the game as a mayor of an insignificant city, you are to develop your city, construct infrastructure, train your own troops, build up your defense and finally go to war.

To that end, you should first and foremost levelup your City Center that will unlock more buildings and functions. Moreover, resources (Steelmill, Lumbermill, Oild Rig and Farm ) play a vital role in building and training. So make sure you have all these plants built and upgraded to the maximum before you launch the attack against your opponents.

Although the game is a strategy game, it pays much attention to the role playing elements. For example, you may recruit historical figures that could take troops to the battlefield.

Final Hour: World War II feels exceptional thanks to its convenient tap control, realistic warfare combat, and addictive gameplay.

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