EverQuest Next Elementalist Class Reveal | SOE Live 2014

When EverQuest Next launches, it will come loaded with a staggering 40 different classes to choose from. Sony Online Entertainment debuted two classes with the EverQuest Next reveal at SOE Live 2013, and in similar fashion, took time to introduce three new classes at this year’s show, SOE Live 2014. Let’s take a look at one of the three, the Elementalist:

As can probably be gathered from the class title, EverQuest Next’s Elementalist class deals primarily in elemental magic. Using both fire and ice in tandem allows for some seriously cool tactics for destroying the enemy and changing the tides of battle. Take, for example, the Elementalist’s Flash Freeze ability. Flash Freeze is an area of effect ability that causes all enemies within its radius to freeze temporarily. Once frozen, the Elementalist can use an attack like Ice Shard — a shotgun-like burst of ice — to shatter the enemies into countless fragments.

The Elementalist class is especially cool with how it plays into EverQuest Next’s destructible environment. The above mentioned Flash Freeze’s AOE doesn’t just freeze enemies within range, it actually changes the composition of the ground you’re standing on. What once may have been very solid stone is now but a brittle ice platform which can easily be penetrated. A video demonstration of this particular strategy showed the Elementalist freezing the ground mid-fight and breaking through the floor only to have the entire fight come crashing down into a cave below. The practicality of a situation like this or the frequency to which such an occasion would arise is questionable, but it’s cool to see the subtle intricacies of combat applied in unique ways none-the-less.

The Elementalist and the previously announced Mage share a lot in common, though there seem to be enough key differences to warrant the separation. While both have an emphasis on ranged skills, the Mage seems to be much more agile and aggressive in his/her approach. The Elementalist is almost positioned as more of a support class, using and combining abilities to change the pace of battle and leaving plenty of opportunities for teammate tanks to charge in.

Images of the Elementalist are available under the Image Gallery above and a video demonstration of the class abilities is available below. Like what you see of the Elementalist? Tell us why or why not in the comments!

EverQuest Next New Combat and Classes | SOE Live 2014

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