EverQuest Next New Website Available

In preparation for SOE Live, Sony Online Entertainment have released a brand new website and Twitter account for the highly anticipated, EverQuest Next. Taking place Las Vegas, August 2nd, SOE Live is their biggest event of the year and usually features brand new game reveals, exclusive trailers and other exciting announcements. EverQuest continues to be one of the most popular titles in Sony Online Entertainment’s arsenal and EverQuest Next has been on the minds of players since its original reveal announcement.

The original title has been going strong since 1999 and has since enjoyed a hugely dedicated player base thanks to constant improvements to the game and a huge variety of updates and expansions. With the recent announcements centering around next-generation MMO titles, there’s already speculation regarding the possibility of EverQuest Next on Playstation 4, but we’ll have to wait until August to find out.

You can check the EverQuest Next official website for community submitted stories and videos, stay tuned for more information over the next couple of months.

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