First Age Of Wushu Expansion Detailed At E3

Big MMO news continues to pour out of E3 as Snail Games USA reveal the first ever expansion for their critically acclaimed martial arts MMORPG game, Age of Wushu. The Legends of Mount Hua expansion includes many of the features requested by community members in recent months, including the ability to marry other players to receive extra skills and abilities, and of course the lavish parties, parades, and fanfares that come with the ceremony.

Other aspects of the expansion include brand new Ultimate Scrolls available from each of the school’s instances and epic new 80+ player battles in the form of the Sixteen Prefectures Battle Arena. One of the most anticipated aspects of the update is a new server-wide competition, the Mount Hua Competition. This exciting event will pit the very best Age of Wushu players against the top players from every server for exclusive titles, rewards and the fabled Heavenly Sword.

Check out the brand new launch trailer below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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