Exciting Details For Albion Online’s Crafting System

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Sandbox Interactive have released some new information on the intriguing equipment and character customization in their upcoming MMORPG, Albion Online. The unique feature allows players to craft items as they would in many other MMO’s but the game expands the system further, offering players the opportunity to attach powerful spells to the items as
well. As the game allows any item to be combined with any spell there’s almost limitless possibilities when creating items and progressing with your character.

say you want to craft a tier-two broadsword: currently, there are 30 different
meaningful spell setups for this sword with room for expansion,? says David
Salz, Technical Director for Albion Online. ?What was important for us in
designing this is that a weapon, although it has a lot of possibilities, still
has a certain characteristic. So our broadsword is a bit more of a
defense-oriented weapon.”

To impress even further, this unique feature is available in the first true cross-platform MMO. PC gamers, iOS users and Android fans will all be able to enjoy the content on offer in Albion Online on the same servers at the same time. Check out more of the exciting features for Albion Online.


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