Fallen Earth – New Update Introduces Farming

GamersFirst has just announced the contents of the recently released patch for their post-apocalyptic MMORPG, Fallen Earth. Update 2.6 brings a plethora of new content to the unique MMORPG including some holiday events, new premium rewards and the highly anticipated farming feature.

It’s probably not a past time you would associate with a land plagued by devastating nuclear and biological attacks but everyone’s gotta eat right? The new farming feature allows players to construct a variety of different plots which can be used to plant, grow and harvest seeds. Unlike your typical MMO game that uses an instanced system or something static like Runescape, Fallen Earth has adopted to use farming in a similar way to the way camps are used. Players can erect a farm in almost any area but may only maintain one farm at a time. With a lifespan of four hours, there’s plenty of time for players to collect a bountiful harvest.

Even those in an apocalyptic wasteland have to celebrate Christmas and GamersFirst have introduced the new holiday event. Cindy Loom Whom needs your help solving the case of the missing Candy Canes. Head to Spider Hill if you want to find “exclusive and HIGHLY nostalgic rewards!”

Finally, The Dusty Box. Unlocked using the newly added Red Titanium Key, the new lockbox contains a variety of freshly created gear inspired by Western locale.

Christmas is an exciting time for all but Fallen Earth players have just been given a few more reasons to enjoy the holidays.

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