What’s Wrong With Letting A Game Franchise Die – MMOpinion

It’s common for people to ask in forums and blogs all over the web “What went wrong with ___?” or “How can they revive ___?”.  I for one am OK with a franchise being done.  Whether they had a good run, or lost it’s steam, or heck, even if it was super popular and ran its course.  We don’t need game franchises to go on forever.  It’s often-times nice when a series leaves and doesn’t force its way back in the market, making it feel like a cash-grab.  

I guess the problem is that we, as consumers of the games, keep expecting their to be the newest iteration of old games.  And as long as publishers and developers assume there’s a market for it, they’ll continue to try and access that market.

So what do you guys think?  Do you think that franchises often-times force new games on us from old franchises?  Do you think certain series should just go away?  Do you like seeing new iterations of old series?  Or should be just let them die at their proper time?

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