Top 10 MMO Games to Play This Semester

MMO Games and trigonometry homework usually don’t go hand-in-hand, but all gamers need a break every now and then to escape the rigors of the fresh 2012-2013 school year. Here’s a list and brief summary of some great MMO games that don’t require a ton of time and strategy to play, yet can still be just as fun as a full-blown MMORPG. Hey, it beats playing those crappy games on your graphing calculator!

[heading]10. Edgeworld[/heading]

Edgeworld is a great sci-fi city building game that may just help in your sci-fi learning class.  You know, that one class that you took because your new roommates said that their brother took it 3 years ago and it was super easy, all you had to do was look at the stars and write down how many milliseconds they are away from the next star.  Yeah that class!
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[heading]9. Marvel: Avengers Alliance[/heading]

Everyone knows who the Marvel Avengers are.  There’s that one guy with the claws, and the other guy who shoots laser beams out of his eyes.  It’s just difficult to explain them to your professor when they find out that you’ve been playing Marvel: Avengers Alliance instead of dissecting that gross frog sitting in front of you.
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[heading]8. Lord of the Rings Online[/heading]

Now this one is a no-brainer.  Just like taking Women’s Education Classes during your senior year!  Lord of the Rings Online is one of the best Free to Play MMORPGs on the market today.  Just a warning ahead of time, this game will take up your free time.  You know that time after you talk to your mother on the phone and before you turn on Family Guy to help you fall asleep.
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[heading]7. Dragons of Atlantis[/heading]

Your teacher will be surprised when you tell them how much in-depth knowledge you have of the naval powerhouse that conquered many parts of Western Europe and Africa in 9,000 BC.  They will also be shocked that you knew exactly how they did it.  WITH DRAGONS!  How else would they do it?  Come on!
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[heading]6. The Settlers Online[/heading]

If your teacher catches you playing The Settlers Online in class you can just tell them that you’re learning about city planning and industrial design.  They will either think you’re nuts or they will casually nod and say “keep up t he good work”.  Either way you can always just play the game after class!  I mean, that could work I guess.
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[heading]5. Trojan War[/heading]

When ancient Greece is on the brink of war, you listen!  This game is great for the history buffs and for the war buffs.  Trojan War has a little bit for both of you.  After you spend a few hours playing head on down to the basketball courts and see how aggressive you become as you think about the hordes of armies that are probably attacking your city at this very moment!
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[heading]4. Drakensang[/heading]

Forgive me if I promised that you’ll have enough time to study and play Drakensang.  This game is addicting!  If you are a fan of the Diablo series then Drakensang may just be the cure for your homework blues.  It’s hard to believe that this game is free to play, especially after the amount of time you may spend playing this on the weekend!
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[heading]3. Godfather 5 Families[/heading]

Nothing gets my mind of studying for anatomy class like a good old fashion mobster game.  Godfather 5 Families hits the spot when i’m trying not to think of the distal phalanges on my index finger.  All I need to know is that’s the finger I need to shoot down enemy gangs to control the territory for the mob boss!
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[heading]2. Darkblood[/heading]

If your teacher catches you playing this game it won’t be easy to explain what you are doing.  Last time I checked, beating up warriors, knights, hunters and mages in cold blood while performing combos that can explode your enemy into meat chunks was not in the lesson plan.
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[heading]1. League of Legends[/heading]

This game will teach you how to get along with your fellow classmates.  WRONG!  League of Legends will teach you that it’s more fun to harm your classmates than to work with them.  Although, in order to be good at LoL, you will need to work with your team to defeat the jocks that sit in the back of the classroom throwing spit-wads down at you while you try to talk to Kristin from the color guard.
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Class dismissed!

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