Fifth Server to Open in Odin Quest

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

A 5th server is set to be released this Wednesday for the MMO action RPG, Odin Quest. The online browser game will now include concepts called Pray, Magic Wand, and Enchant. These concepts tie together and introduce different levels of accessories that are determined by color, and range in use.

The new server introduces Magic Wand, a way to obtain Benediction if the level of magic dust is suitable. Accessories will bring higher stats to heroes on the battlefield. Those who have achieved levels greater than 60 will now be able to Enchant, but require Accessory Essence in order to do so. There are five levels for each Ring Essence, Necklace Essence, and Relic Essence. This truly gives players a way to take their character to the next level.

Players above level 60 who choose to Enchant will see Purple Accessories upgrade to Orange Accessories. Purple accessories will increase in MP while enchanted, until finally turning orange to signify reaching maximum capacity. The improved stats from improved accessories will come in handy when players explore new and advanced dungeons.

This MMORPG is based on the Nordic myth that originated from Iceland and surrounding areas during the 1st and 2nd century. After successfully publishing DDTank and Call of Gods, it seems like is building another great MMO world with each addition to Odin Quest. Head over to the MMO ATK giveaway section for your chance at a free Odin Quest Starter Pack.

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