Path of Exile – Open Beta Phase 2

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Grinding Gear Games has just announced the most recent content update for their open beta MMORPG, Path of Exile. This will be ushering a move toward the second phase of open beta starting on Wednesday, June 5th.

The transition to Phase 2 of open beta is a big one, featuring a massive amount content updates. The most notable update is the gameplay modifications brought by the new Anarachy and Onslaught leagues. The two leagues offer different levels of difficulty along with new items and intense challenges. Anarchy League lets a character encounter a world of instability, keeping players just paranoid enough to be at the edge of their seats. Onslaught League functions the way most Expert level games do. Onslaught is just a more intense level of gameplay (even more than Hardcore mode). These leagues will last from June 8th to October 8th.

There are eight challenges to accompany the new leagues, giving players a new way to master their skills and show off to other players. The challenges are somewhat time consuming and tasking, so don?t expect to be a success overnight. Other game updates include significant re-balancing to the Path of Exile monsters and locations. Now players will be able to rely on their armor more rather than worrying constantly about draining life and energy. Previously undesired class builds have been revamped to stay relevant, while improved item allocation will allow party leaders to more fairly choose a method of loot dispersion. High-tier currency items called Eternal Orbs were also introduced to the game, and players now have a clearer display of the life bars for enemies and allies.

Path of Exile features one the most intense skill trees in MMO gaming. If you are looking for your next MMORPG adventure, look no further than the Path of Exile open beta.

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