EverQuest 2 Announces New Expansion, ?Chains of Eternity?

Sony Online Entertainment has announced some exciting news through a blog post, Producer?s Letter. They are coming out with a new expansion for the free to play MMORPG EverQuest 2, Chains of Eternity. This will be the ninth expansion that has been released for the game and has a lot in store for its fans. The game will be releasing sometime in November.

There will be a lot of quests. Once the storyline ends for the expansion, there is an opportunity for players to gain access to benefits as a result of finishing and will gain more rewards by replaying it again if the player so chooses. There will now be a level cap of 95 which gives players a lot more opportunity to create new spells, recipes and gain new abilities. The Guild Levels will also reach level 95. Each of the subclasses in the game will receive new prestigious abilities and will assist players in combat. Not only that, but there are trade skill abilities that will become available for players to specialize even more in their craft that they have chosen. Last but not least, there will be tons of new loot to pick up as players go along.

Sony didn?t want to give away everything in one post. Near the end they mentioned that there is a secret event that they are ?keeping under wraps? that will release closer to the expansion. They will also be releasing some free content at the same time the game launches. It seems like players will be getting a lot of amazing stuff in the near future in regards to EverQuest 2.

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