Firefall Open Beta Live

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Red 5 Studios have just announced that the highly anticipated Firefall is now in open beta. The free-to-play MMO shooter has been very impressive in its closed beta stages with thousands of players flocking to the servers. Players from all corners can now log into the official servers and battle against the deadly Chosen. Explore the 1/10th scale of Earth in New Eden and participate in intense PvP combat against dozens of players.

The download is now available and the website appears to be stable. There are currently two choices available to those wanting to download the game, including a 4gb zipped file and a streaming client that downloads additional assets while you play. I’ve personally just finished downloading the full client in around 10 minutes so things are looking positive for Firefall as we’ve all experienced very poor launches in recent years.

Red 5 Studios have also revealed that the Firefall Fest two-day streaming event will begin shortly on the official Twitch.TV channel. For the next two days the developers will play host to a variety of special guests and giveaway prizes from the likes of Razer and AMD.

Furthermore the new Beta Starter Packs are now also available for purchase. The packages include cosmetic items, additional battle frames, various boosts and an exclusive in-game and forum title. You can check the various packages available, as well as the pricing, here

Update: As I was searching the website for a link to the beta packs it’s actually gone done. So yeah, there may be some slight issues when downloading.

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