Forbidden Instances Revealed For Age Of Wushu

Snail Games USA recently announced the contents of the highly anticipated Forbidden Instances update for their successful oriental MMORPG, Age of Wushu. The new Forbidden Instances have been created as the ultimate test of your personal strengths and abilities. Each has been carefully designed to ensure they can challenge even the most skilled of players.

The Forbidden content comes in the form of 8 new instances, one for each of the in-game martial arts schools.

  • Emei: Sacrifice Cliff
  • Royal Guards: The Purgatory
  • Shaolin: Wooden Monk Lane
  • Wudang: The Violet Chambers
  • Wanderer’s Valley: Cavern of Lost Souls
  • Beggar’s Sect: Apricot Forest
  • Scholars: Villa of the Departed
  • Tangmen: Great Poison Palace

For more information you can check out the Age of Wushu Forbidden Instance’s screenshots below or click here.

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