Forge Of Empires & Tribal Wars 2 Set To Invade Your Living Room

German based developer InnoGames today announced the commencing of a worldwide TV campaign strategy to further increase communities for 2 of its biggest free-to-play MMORTS communities, Tribal Wars 2 and Forge of Empires. InnoGames have created two brand new TV spots for both of the award-winning games, featuring high quality 3D CGI art assets and real actors. The developers revealed that the campaign is already underway and they are expecting to see the advertisements shown across 100 TV stations this month alone, totaling approximately 25,000 appearances.

More than 15 networks in the United States are already featuring the commercial including Comedy Central, Fox Network, MTV Network, ESPN, NBC Sports and NFL Network. Canada is also another priority demographic as Discovery, ESPN, FOX, MTV and iChannel make up the names North of the border.

[quote cite=”Chief Marketing Officer Christian Pern”]“This globally aligned campaign brings our TV presence to a new level/ High quality and exciting spots combined with the broadcast of attractive TV shows make us confident to reach a large audience, especially targeting people that have not yet played our games. In order to maximize the impact, we also support our TV efforts with a large-scale online campaign.”

If you find yourself unable to wait until the advertisements are displayed in your location check out Forge of Empires and Tribal Wars 2.

Source: Press Release

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