Rise Of The Paladins Arrives For Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars

InnoGames today announced that they have launched the highly anticipated Paladin system for the critically acclaimed free-to-play MMORTS game, Tribal Wars, allowing players to recruit up to 10 unique Paladins before leveling them up and adding specialized abilities to aid in battles and village leadership. Lead Community Manager Timothy explains the changes with the Paladin … Read more

Forge Of Empires Welcomes Guild Expeditions Update

Forge Of Empires

InnoGames today announced the release of an exciting update for the free-to-play cross-platform MMORTS game, Forge of Empires, as the community welcomes the release of the highly anticipated Guild Expeditions update. The new update focuses on delivering cooperative gameplay opportunities for guild members as they come together on a brand new jungle themed map to … Read more

The Future Is Now – New Era Introduced To Forge Of Empires

Forge Of Empires 1280x720

The hugely popular city building simulator from InnoGames, Forge of Empires, has taken a step towards new horizons today as the developers release a brand new age, The Future. Beginning today the rulers of Forge of Empires can embark on an entirely new journey into the future, allowing aspiring city builders to research new technologies, … Read more

Forge Of Empires & Tribal Wars 2 Set To Invade Your Living Room

Forge Of Empires 1280x720

German based developer InnoGames today announced the commencing of a worldwide TV campaign strategy to further increase communities for 2 of its biggest free-to-play MMORTS communities, Tribal Wars 2 and Forge of Empires. InnoGames have created two brand new TV spots for both of the award-winning games, featuring high quality 3D CGI art assets and … Read more

Experience The Epic Battle Of Troy In Latest Grepolis Update

InnoGames today announced that fans of the popular free-to-play MMORTS Grepolis now have the opportunity to relive the epic events of the legendary Trojan War with the introduction of a brand new event, The Battle of Troy. The highly anticipated update has been launched across all game worlds today, challenging players to fight their way … Read more

Goblins vs. Gnomes, TESO on Consoles, Rising Generals and more! | The XP Dec 5th

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Today on the Daily XP:
Goblins VS. Gnomes Coming Soon to Hearthstone
The Elder Scrolls Online Still Coming to Consoles Right?
Rising Generals Beta Dates
Black Desert Open Beta Dates Announced

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US Exclusive Open Beta Begins For Rising Generals

Rising Generals News

InnoGames today announced that they have begun rolling out the highly anticipated open beta event for Rising Generals, beginning with an event exclusive to the US-American market. Beginning today players in the US can register for the game on the official website and access their own game world server and infrastructure, created to ensure a … Read more

Rising Generals Closed Beta Keys Giveaway

[keys id=129156]MMO Attack and InnoGames have teamed up to offer fans of Rising Generals, a chance to play in the closed beta test for the game.  Rising Generals is an instant action strategy MMO game that was planned, developed and optimized for multiple devices.  You can play Rising Generals on iOS, Android and your browser.  This online war game was developed by InnoGames, a leading provider of online games.

[heading]How To Redeem  Your Gift Pack[/heading]1. Log in or Register for your MMO Attack account
2. Head to the Rising Generals website and use the code from above to play
3. That’s it!
4. There’s no Step 4.

[heading]Rising Generals Gameplay Trailer[/heading]

Tribal Wars 2 Closed Beta Keys Giveaway

[keys id=129156]*Update!*  We have been given a second batch of 500 keys on 8/20/2014.  Get them quick!!

MMO Attack and InnoGames have teamed up to offer fans of Tribal Wars a chance to play in the closed beta for their latest MMORTS, Tribal Wars 2.

[heading]How To Redeem  Your Gift Pack[/heading]1. Log in or Register for your MMO Attack account
2. Head over the the Tribal Wars 2 website
3. Register for your account, or sign-in
4. Use the closed beta-key from above when registering for access!

[heading]Tribal Wars 2 Gameplay[/heading]

Tribal Wars 2 Gameplay | First Impressions HD

Tribal Wars 2 Gameplay | First Impressions HD

Tribal Wars is a browser-based game set in the Middle Ages. Every player controls a small village, striving for power and glory.

Play Tribal Wars 2 for free!

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Destiny, EverQuest, Forge of Empires and more! | The Daily XP September 25th

The Daily XP is MMO ATK’s Daily MMO and MMORPG News Show.  Come back each and every day for highlights of the days most current stories.

Daily MMO and MMORPG News

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Today on the Daily XP:
Bungie’s Destiny Loses its Design Director | [timer]19[/timer]
EverQuest Delays their 20th Expansion Pack, Call of the Forsaken | [timer]53[/timer]
InnoGames Updates Forge of Empires with New Units and Quests | [timer]87[/timer]
Tamer Saga Launches on LeKool Games Today | [timer]116[/timer]

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