Free Weekend For The MMO Worlds Greatest Sandbox Game

Adventurine today announced a limited duration free weekend experience opportunity for the recently revamped Darkfall: Unholy Wars – considered by many to be one of the greatest sandbox MMO games available today. The developers have announced that all players can explore the world of Darkfall: Unholy Wars for free the weekend beginning October 3rd until the servers go offline for maintenance on October 6th.

In addition to the free weekend the developers have also announced an exciting in-game event that will see the Adventurine staff take to the European servers and attack an unnamed player city. Players are invited to join the event and attempt to repel the developers to save the city under siege.

On Friday, October 3rd, the Darkfall’s development team will assault
a player city on the European server. This is your opportunity to kick
Darkfall developers ass, so come and join this unique event!
We hope you join us, as we would like to check the latest memory
usage improvements and gather live data in order to make further
Do you think you can beat the creators?

For more information on the game, including siege mechanics, vehicular warfare, crafting and open world PvP, check out the link below.

Source: Official Website

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