Freelancer Phaedra Joins The Ranks Of Atlas Reactor

Trion Worlds’ exciting blend of turn-based combat and fast-paced arena gameplay, Atlas Reactor, today welcomed an exciting new update that introduced a brand new Freelancer, Snowmageddon Event and a sneak peek at the upcoming Extraction Mode. The free Winter-themed update introduces Phaedra into the game, a powerful frontliner that joins the already impressive lineup of playable characters.

The new Extraction Mode is also available. Featuring two teams competing to capture a mysterious briefcase with the winning team the one to control the briefcase for the longest period of time by the end of the round.

[quote]Snowmageddon: Players will also notice several in-game updates featuring holiday-themed content, with a snow-covered, holiday-themed Cloudspire map and 25 new, winter-themed skins for various Freelancers including Ice Princess Aurora, Sleigh Gremolitions, Jack Frost Helio, Snowman Nix, Santa Su Ren and more.[/quote]

Source: Press Release

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