Freelancer Phaedra Joins The Ranks Of Atlas Reactor

Atlas Reactor

Trion Worlds’ exciting blend of turn-based combat and fast-paced arena gameplay, Atlas Reactor, today welcomed an exciting new update that introduced a brand new Freelancer, Snowmageddon Event and a sneak peek at the upcoming Extraction Mode. The free Winter-themed update introduces Phaedra into the game, a powerful frontliner that joins the already impressive lineup of … Read more

Atlas Reactor Enters Open Beta Ahead Of October 4th Launch

Atlas Reactor

Trion Worlds today launched the Open Beta event for the turn-based action game Atlas Reactor, just weeks ahead of the games currently scheduled launch date of October 4th. Following a number of successful free game weekend events the game built a good amount of Steam heading into the Open Beta, despite initial confusions regarding the … Read more

Trion Worlds Release Free Mode For Atlas Reactor

Atlas Reactor

Trion Worlds today announced that the free mode for Atlas Reactor is available, the highly anticipated free-to-play section of the otherwise premium online game. Originally expected to launch as a free-to-play title Trion Worlds later adopted a buy-to-play model for Atlas Reactor, leaving many potential players on the fence as to whether they want to … Read more

Atlas Reactor Free-To-Play Weekend

A brief announcement from Trion Worlds today informed players of yet another exciting free-to-play weekend access opportunity for the upcoming, team-based PvP shooter, Atlas Reactor. The game was originally expected to be a free-to-play title but the developers have since opted to switch up their revenue plans, recently announcing that the game will instead be … Read more

Atlas Reactor Adopting Buy-To-Play Model

Atlas Reactor

In a surprising change of financial model Trion Worlds today announced that the upcoming MMORPG Atlas Reactor, that was previously announced to be a free-to-play MMO, will be changing to a premium model in a buy-to-play. The announcement comes via a post on the official forums from Community Manager, Muzzy, in which he explains to … Read more

Atlas Reactor Closed Beta Underway

Atlas Reactor

Trion Worlds recently announced that the Closed Beta event for the highly anticipated online real-time action strategy game, Atlas Reactor, is now underway and introduces an exciting mix of new content to the game including an inventory system, crafting features and competitive seasons. Players can seek out an invitation through a sign-up page on the … Read more

Open Alpha Event For Trion Worlds’ Innovative Turn-Based MMO Atlas Reactor Announced

Atlas Reactor

Trion Worlds today sent out word to remind players that the special Open Alpha event invitation for the upcoming turn-based MMORPG Atlas Reactor will soon begin as servers are set to open March 31st 5PM EST. The game hopes to reinvent the way players enjoy the world of real-time strategy with simultaneous turn-based mechanics that … Read more