Funcom Security Breach – Emails, Usernames & Passwords Stolen

A warning has been sent to players of Funcom’s top MMORPG games today as the developers announced via their corporate website that they have suffered a severe security breach across the vBulletin forum services for their games.

The security breach occurred on multiple titles from Funcom including Age of Conan, Anarchy Online and The Secret World. The data was stolen from the forum system used by the developer after a third party accessed the information through an exploit in vBulletin’s software. All vital information was taken including email addresses, user names and passwords. The passwords were encrypted however this can be undone rather easily so players are advised to change all account related information immediately.

[quote cite=”Funcom”]We regret to inform you that the data breach includes e-mail addresses, user names, and encrypted passwords associated with forum accounts on these forums. Even though passwords were encrypted, these can be cracked and should be considered compromised. It is important to note that forum accounts and game accounts are separate and are stored on different servers using different security systems. Game accounts have not been compromised.

We take this incident very seriously and will be taking measures to ensure it does not happen again. The bug that made this data breach possible has been corrected, but as a precaution we have taken our forums offline so we can conduct further investigations and ensure there are no more security issues before we bring them online again. [/quote]

Source: Official Website

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