Gaijin Entertainment Post Big Reveals For War Thunder

Over the weekend developers Gaijin Entertainment posted a series of reveals for the World War II combat simulator, War Thunder. The new reveals come in the form of brand new maps, additional vehicles and for the first time, a sneak peek at the British ground vehicles tech tree.

The new British vehicles will be introduced in the next major update and will give players their first opportunity at sampling the new starter vehicles that will be added across 5 specific lines:


  • Self-propelled AAA and anti-aircraft tanks.
  • Light and cruiser tanks.
  • Medium tanks.
  • Infantry and heavy tanks.
  • Tank destroyers and self-propelled guns.


The team also took the time to introduce players to a vehicle currently in the development process, the MiG 17. Finally two new maps have also been revealed, the Second battle of El Alamein and Tunisia – both of which have been designed to offer players entirely new combat locations on both ground and aerial assaults.

Source: Press Release

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