Gambit Joins Marvel Heroes

Today Gazillion Entertainment released a brand new trailer for the latest hero in the free to play action RPG Marvel Heroes.  Gambit, the kinetically charged, card flinging X-Man from the streets of New Orleans joins the cast as a ranged DPS hero, capable of throwing playing cards that explode on impact.  Gambit also uses his super-charged extendable bo staff to inflict massive damage on the enemy.

The below video features Gambit performing some of his signature moves, including throwing cards at you, and throwing cards at you.  The video is complete with a plethora of card related puns like “I hope you brought a full deck”.  Gambit has been available in-game since November 22nd, and has garnered a lot of interest from players since his release.  

Marvel Heroes Black Friday Sale week is also going on now, until December 2nd.  Almost every Hero, Costume, Pet and Bundle is 25% off their original price.  Go to the Marvel Heroes Store for more info.

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