Guild Wars 2 Great MMO Migration

Today NCSOFT and ArenaNet are announcing their “Great MMO Migration” campaign.  The campaign is a way for them entice new players to join the already millions they have playing the game.  The basic idea behind the campaign is to have players recite the ‘Guild Wars 2 Oath’ in a public place in a 30 second video, which you will send in for a chance to win a copy of Guild Wars 2.  

We plan on having our very own Bethany recite the oath.  For those of you who know her, she is a die-hard World of Warcraft player who will probably need some coaxing to renounce her favorite game.  Be on the lookout for our video in the coming days.  If you plan on reciting the Guild Wars 2 oath, send us your video and we’ll share it on our social media platforms!

[heading]Guild Wars 2 Oath[/heading]I, [name], renounce [adjective] games and pledge my allegiance to Guild Wars 2.
I likewise declare my freedom from [noun] subscription fees!
That I turn my back forever on [noun] which is/are totally [adjective].
That I will take up arms to defend the [noun]  and crush evil with my [noun].
I take this oath to Guild Wars 2 freely, without [noun]  because I am [noun].

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