Get the games from MolyJam 2012

From Friday March 30th to Sunday April 1st, game developers of all skill levels gathered together at various locations around the world to celebrate Twitter personality, Peter Molydeux, the parody account of renowned games designer Peter Molyneux.

The 48-hour global game building event placed participants in the creative position of attempting to bring to life some of the fun ideas that the parody personality would tweet. Thanks to this event and the organizers of each Molyjam session around the world,? has a listing of over 280 games independently created and free to play.

Each game in the list is accompanied by the tweet inspiring it, as well as the download link. For example, UK developed game?Super Mega Pigeon Rescue?is based on the tweet:

“You are a Pigeon who must go around the city trying to persuade business men not to jump off buildings by retrieving items from their home.”

There are plenty of games to go through, as well as the fun of finding out which weird tweet inspired the developers to make the game. The event is also planned for next year, as long as there are enough new tweets to fuel the creativity. Feel free to check out the list of this year?s games?here.

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