The Secret World open for pre-order

Funcom, the developers of?The Secret World?are offering customers the chance to participate in beta weekends, the first of which are set for May 11. In addition, players will have the chance to start playing the game four days earlier than the actual launch date, plus exclusive in-game items as well as a pet to help your character during combat.

Weekend beta access, separate from the ongoing testing beta starting soon, promises to introduce players to new content every week up until the launch of the game. Characters will also be carried over from each weekend beta, allowing players to properly experience the new content as it emerges.

If you?re not placing a pre-order, and aren?t lucky enough to get into the ongoing testing beta, Funcom have confirmed they will be doing some limited weekend beta giveaways, which will happen on a weekend by weekend basis.

You can check out the full details and pre-order?The Secret World.

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