Gigantic Developers Worked For Free During Financial Troubles At Motiga

Creating and funding a new game studio to create a new IP is no easy feat, something covered in a new video from Gigantic’s developers Motiga. The team are getting closer and closer to the eventual release of the colorful and vibrant entry into the competitive MOBA space but the journey has proven to be a difficult one. Today developers Motiga released a developer diary video discussing some of the difficulties and challenges they have faced during the development process.

At around the 1:25 mark they discuss a stage in which they were facing force reductions, removing a certain number of staff members and developers due to financial troubles that the team faced during the development process.

Gigantic: Developer Diary, the First

In a heartwarming turn of events many of the staff they discussed the reductions with chose to remain with the company and continue developing Gigantic “until the doors close”. As consumers in this industry we don’t often get to see the level of commitment developers have with their creations but if the loyalty of the team is anything to go by, Gigantic could be surprise competition for some of the industries more dominant MOBA games.

Source: Press Release

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