Infinity Wars: Reborn Leaving Early Access December 13th

Lightmare Studios are excited to announce that the online digital trading card game, Infinity Wars: Reborn, will soon be leaving the relative safety of the Early Access period on Steam to a full fledged release on Windows and Mac come December 13th. Infinity Wars: Reborn promises to offer players a unique slice of online card combat action with an array of unique and exciting features alongside fully animated cards and an immersive 3D battleground.

[quote cite=”Ian Underwood, Lead Designer of Lightmare Studios”]”Infinity Wars: Reborn’s launch will bring a wealth of new content to what was already the most innovative and original trading-card game available. With a plethora of factions and strategies, Infinity Wars: Reborn will offer a truly one of a kind experience.” [/quote]

The release of Infinity Wars: Reborn will bring with it brand new campaigns, Sleepers of the Avarrach and Descendants of the Dragon, for the zombie and monk factions respectively. Introducing 60 new card start faction packs for those skilled enough to take on the new challenges in exclusive PvP missions.

The Rebellion set will also be getting some much needed love with brand new Rare, Epic and Legendary cards coming to the deck totaling for 61 new cards in total – bringing the current count of cards in the game to over 800.

Source: Press Release

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