Global Agenda Booster Code Giveaway

[keys id=129156]Global Agenda is a fast-paced MMO shooter that allows players to control their characters in third person as they team up with allies to complete missions, claim and defend areas, and destroy other players.

To help you get a leg up on the competition, MMO ATK is giving away Booster codes!

What is a Booster?

Boosters are purchased account upgrades that temporarily double your in-game experience, token rewards, credit rewards and end of map loot. Open Zone assignments also grant a 50% increase in XP and Credits as well as a chance to receive additional items. Players with Boosters also receive 5 Agenda Points daily plus 5 Agenda Points per level 50 character on their account.  Boosters are active immediately upon purchase. Players with active boosters will also receive 2,000 Tokens nightly, updated at Midnight GMT, provided the tokens do not violate the weekly or maximum token limits. Please note that these tokens will not show up until the next time you log-in after the nightly update.

To activate,  press Enter in game to bring up the chat window and type /claimpromotion boostercode. That’s it! You can even copy/paste it from your web browser into the in game chat console so it’s super easy.

Please note that these promotional 3 day booster codes can only be used once on any Global Agenda account.

Global Agenda can be downloaded from the Global Agenda website or find Global Agenda on Steam.

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