Gloria Victis Welcomes Biggest Update In The History Of The Game

Gloria Victis players celebrated the release of the biggest update in the games history recently as developers Black Eye Games introduce a huge array of new content including the debut of a brand new character creation system alongside new character models. Gloria Victis’ latest update also introduces 7 brand new settlements and a new upgrading system with some Christmas content thrown in for good measure.

[quote cite=”Gloria Victis”]Over the last few weeks we were working hard on the territory control overhaul. In effect, in the update you received 3 reworked towns – Leaktown, Twinfall and Scarsdale – with their their defense values being greatly improved. Farms and mines have also been redesigned, as well as the upgrades window. There are also visible changes of guardhouses and resources nodes after each upgrade and brand new upgradable objects: main building and crafting workshops. For now you will see them only in reworked settlements but remaining towns will be redesigned soon as well. Once all settlements get moved into a new system, we will be able to add new towns and castles much faster.[/quote]

The team will be moving into the New Year focusing on new animations across the board alongside additional work on female character models.

Source: Press Release

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