Day Of Infamy Enters Beta Stage

The brutally realistic online shooter, Day of Infamy, welcomes a massive new update today as the World War II shooter officially enters Beta testing. Some of the more exciting elements of the update have been included in a brand new Beta trailer released today.

Day of Infamy Beta Launch Trailer

The team released a full list of the patch notes but we’ve highlighted some of the more noteworthy elements below:


  • A new stats and rankings system with several rank levels to attain, and when players advance, their character model will display the arm patch of their rank.
  • A Unit system, which rewards players with cosmetic inventory adding diversity to each faction and expanding historic representation.
  • Air Support – All factions now have a Carpet Bombing option, while the U.S. Army have a Mustang strafing run and the Germans have a Stuka dive bomber, with their fearsome siren.


Source: Press Release

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