Golden Age

Golden Age is a 2D, browser-based strategy MMO based on the story of the Knights Templar in medieval Europe. Choose to play as a Knight Templar, a member of the Ibero Alliance, or join the Rhine Commerce Guild. Build your fortress, battle other players, and seek victory!

Golden Age is a browser based side scrolling RPG-style MMO. Following Molay?s documented outrage at baseless arrests of the Knights Templar in 1307 A.D., Golden Ageintroduces a fellow knight said to have received a map to a lost continent from Molay himself. At Molay?s request, the knight secretly leads 400 Knights Templar to safety in these unknown lands.

Players enter the tumultuous Golden Age setting shortly following the Templars? discovery and colonization of the mysterious treasure-filled region, and must defend their developing fortresses from oncoming waves of greedy plunderers. Players will take their roles in Golden Age as one of three distinct classes of citizens.

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