Lucent Heart

Lucent Heart is a 3D fantasy astrology based MMORPG with an in-depth dating system. Players become knights in a magical land where nothing is as it seems. Explore dungeons slay monsters, take up a profession, tackle challenging quests, participate in PvP battles, and find the love of your life in this epic adventure.Lucent Heart is a social MMO that combines traditional fantasy RPG elements with an extensive soul mate system. Players take on the role of a human knight blessed by the Gods to save a world tainted with evil.

The corrupted Goddess Hecate cast a spell unleashing devastating storms spawning new heinous creatures to wreak havoc on local villagers.Complete difficult quests, fight off hordes of monsters, raid dungeons, dance, and fall in love. The game features anime styled graphics like Hero: 108 Online and an astrology based theme similar to Zodiac Online. Every character has a particular sunsign that affects their skills, boosts, and characteristics.

Players can choose various blood types that give heroes little quirks such as being prone to stinginess. The progressive class system lets heroes start out as a warrior or mage and level up into one of the four primary classes. Each core class has two advanced classes to choose from along with six crafting professions.

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