Good Old Games is now GOG, begins offering newer games

The newly-relaunched has dropped the Good Old Games moniker and added some brand new games, and plans to continue adding new releases in days to come. The up-and-coming digital distribution service today added The Whispered World and Frozenbyte’s Trine, as well as opening pre-orders for the upcoming indie game The Legend of Grimrock.

Though the new name brings a slight change to their philosophy, their staunchly anti-DRM stance remains, so you can expect entirely DRM-free software from them for the forseeable future. They’re also working constantly to improve the site and its services, bringing and improved downloader and a catalog that’s increasingly easy to navigate. They’ll also be sticking by their pledge of no regional pricing, so our friends down under and across the pond won’t feel the same mistreatment there as they do with a few other services.

I’ve always respected GOG and their business model, and while I’ve bought a few things from them, I never felt particularly drawn in by their software library. Hopefully they can draw in a few more folks with their new model and really prove to the rest of the industry that quality service gets you customers, not DRM.

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