Mass Effect 3 fans send 400 cupcakes to BioWare

The Mass Effect 3 ending controversy has been quite the hot topic as fans argue over who is right (everyone is right), but a group of fans have hit BioWare with a great metaphor for the ending.

A group of fans have sent BioWare 400 cupcakes that are colored red, blue, and green to symbolize the three colors of the endings.  Posting on BioWare’s official forums, user LoganKey writes:

“We are currently trying to organize the delivery of a mass of cupcakes to Bioware’s studio in Edmonton. All the cupcakes will be divided into equal parts Red, Blue and Green colors… but they will all taste exactly the same. If you’d like to participate, please check out the thread below and let us know.

This coming week, we should send Bioware boxes upon boxes of a dozen cupcakes. We are taking ideas as to what sort of notes we should have attached on each box. Some possibilities include:

– “No matter what color you choose, they all taste the same”;
– “No matter what color you choose, it’s all vanilla ;-D”
– “We rage because we love”

The group responsible has used BioWare’s forum to organize.

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