Grand Theft Auto Online Stimulus Package Incoming

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

8CN have reported that Rockstar plan to release the upcoming Stimulus Package for Grand Theft Auto Online as early as next week. The $500,000 apology came about after the severe problems hindering players during the early launch days of Grand Theft Auto Online. People reported losing characters, millions of dollars in cash, apartments and even fully pimped out cars.

The package was offered as an apology from Rockstar which resulted in an overly positive response from the community. However, people have since realized that $500,000 in Grand Theft Auto Online is practically nothing and can easily be earned in a day or two of play. Sadly though the rank and race wins are much harder to obtain.

The Beach Bum pack is also one the way, introducing all-new beach themed vehicles, new tattoos and hairstyles. It’s not exactly the kind of content we need in Grand Theft Auto Online but it’s a start.

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