Grand Theft Auto V Coming To Next-Gen & PC Platforms

Rockstar Games have finally answered the rumors surrounding Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online with confirmation of a PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release at this years E3. Rockstar Games will take full advantage of the increase in power provided by the next-generation platforms with graphical and technical improvements across the entire game, boasting a stunning level of detail accompanied by finer textures, increased draw distances and enhanced resolutions.

The next-generation treatment will also extend to Grand Theft Auto Online, the free online game that accompanies Grand Theft Auto V. Players will have the opportunity to rise through the criminal ranks by joining other players in their quest for property, vehicles, cash and power in the re-imagined world of Southern California.

All of the content introduced to Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, including an exciting array of new jobs, deadly improvements to variety of available weapons and tons of new vehicles, will all be included in the next-generation launch.

Pre-order deals have been released on the official Rockstar Games website, check out the details here.

Source: Press Release

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