Ground Forces Invade War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment today announced that players will finally have the opportunity to experience ground war combat in the critically acclaimed World War II MMO, War Thunder. The developers have stated that their end-game with War Thunder is to create an all-in-one World War II combat simulator combining aerial combat with ground and naval forces. The beginning of the closed beta event marks the first stage of this goal, allowing players to be able to enjoy more than just the aerial acrobatics.

ultimate goal is to have hundreds of thousands of individual games made
up of dozens of players who can experience intense battles where they
come from the skies, the land and eventually from the sea,? said Anton
Yudintsev, CEO, Gaijin Entertainment. ?The launch of Ground Forces
Expansion closed beta is another step towards that goal.?

The first wave of closed beta invitations have already been sent out but players can guarantee access to the second wave via purchases of newly launched premium packs which include limited edition tanks and decals, titles and Golden Eagles (premium currency).

For information on ground combat or premium packs, click here.

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