GTA Online Capture Creator Launches Friday

Last week Rockstar announced details for an exciting selection of updates heading to GTA Online this Spring and this Friday marks the first of those updates with the launch of the Capture Creator. The Capture Creator expands on the tools already available in-game, allowing the community to create entirely new custom mission types now using the capture mechanics seen in official Rockstar missions.

To celebrate the upcoming launch, and to prepare players for the flood of new Capture missions to follow, Rockstar have announced that all official Rockstar Capture missions will now feature double GTA$ and RP rewards through ’till Friday.

The developers also announced the immediate release of Update 1.12, introducing some of the more minor elements featured in last weeks Spring reveal. Players can now get bonus RP rewards for liking or disliking content after a mission, use Lester as a new contact to stop cops spotting illegal activity for a short period, and an increase in payouts for Parachute, Race, Deatmatch and LTS jobs.

Source: Press Release

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