Guild Wars 2 – Wintersday Event Details

NCSoft and ArenaNet are hosting a third major event for Guild Wars 2.  The event is titled Wintersday and will start tomorrow, December the 14th.  Wintersday will bring tons of holiday joy in the form of unique gifts and mini games, as well as new events and presents for everyone in Tyria.  

The Wintersday event will continue ArenaNet’s tradition of delivering regular content to gamers.  These events bring compelling new events as well as rewarding opportunities to players.  The Wintersday event will feature Tixx, who will be making his way to Lion’s Arch while stopping in every major city to delivery toys along the way.  It will not be so simple to get your toys though, Tixx’s golem servant Toxx throws a wrench into the plans and makes the toys go haywire.

So basically players will get to earn new toys at each stop on Tixx’s route.  After all the rounds are done you can head over to his airship at Lion’s Arch where you can earn more rewards and take part in Toypocalypse.  There will be tons of new mini-games during the event as well.

For more information about this one-time event, please see the timing information below and visit

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