Dark Blood – New Thief Class Revealed

Today Outspark introduces a brand new class to their free to play arcade brawler, Dark Blood.  The thief class adds a dozen or so new skills, weapons and armor to the intense hack and slash side-scroller. 

If you’ve been following Dark Blood you’ll know that they have been hyping up the Thief class on their facebook page with skill previews during the past month.  So they are giving players a chance to test their skills with a huge brawl with only thieves starting tomorrow, December 14th.  The All Thieves Field Duels should be an awesome time and i’d certainly think that anyone free tomorrow should give it a try.

Other events will be coming later this December as well.  There will be a tournament as well as Bandit Catching and Monster Bashing going on through the end of the year.

For more information on the events you may find them at the Dark Blood website.  And now we’ll sit you down to watch the Thief launch trailer.  Enjoy!


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