H1Z1’s Rocky Start And Pay-To-Win Concerns

H1Z1 has recovered from a rather disappointing Early Access launch today but continues to suffer attacks by the survival MMO community following the reveal of information players claim came as a surprise. Previously the developers were quoted to say that players would not be able to purchase weapons or equipment for premium currencies, avoiding the pay-to-win wall that plagues the genre today.

However, a streamer used one of the premium items to call an airdrop to his location. The result? A rather large military gun, a landmine and a bunch of useful supplies. This resulting aftermath was unfriendly, to say the least. Reddit and other forums instantly filled with hateful posts and pay-to-win accusations, to which John Smedley replied that the decision was not final and player feedback will play a pivotal role.

That didn’t work, the threads just got worse. Then this followed:

[quote cite=”John Smedley, President, Sony Online Entertainment”]

“If you feel like the airdrops are an issue for you, you may immediately request a refund to bwilcox@soe.sony.com – this offer applies till Monday and it applies only to people that have purchased the game as of 10:30am Pacific today 1/16/2015 –

Please note that this is going through us, not Steam. Which means it’s a little more work so please be patient with the actual refund (it may take a day or two).” [/quote]

Now much else they can complain about now.

Source: Reddit

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