Xsyon MMORPG Event Season Kicks Off Today

Following its recent release on Valve’s digital distribution platform, Steam, Xsyon and the community of players that enjoy it are celebrating the impending launch of the highly anticipated Treasure Hunt event.

Beginning this weekend players will have the opportunity to search the world of Xyson for hidden treasures of ancient myth and legend as they brave the depths of the central lake basin on both the friendly (PvE) and hostile (PvP) servers.

[quote cite=”John Smedley, President, Sony Online Entertainment”]This Season, events will run on weekdays and weekends at different times to accommodate players from every time zone. Planned events include timed battles, team navigation competitions, scavenger hunts, a special Valentine’s Day event and capture the flag tournament where teams will build their own fortresses.

More information on this event, others planned for the future and rewards, check the official website.

Source: Press Release

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