Harry Potter Online Website Discovers Invisibility Cloak

Last week Bio Hazard Entertainment and its limited license agreement with Warner Bros. Entertainment brought to light the potential for a Harry Potter MMO game – but things changed pretty quickly.

The original website used to make the announcements, including the video discussing the developers ideas for the game, has all but disappeared. The video was removed from YouTube and the future seemed rather glum for fans of the HPO idea.

It hurts us all:( our hearts are broken and torn. Bio-Hazard
Entertainment and all its team love every single one of you loyal
wizards and thank you for everything you have done. Sometimes people
just like to ruin things for others. As loyal HP fans we all stand
strong and united! Please remember here at BHE we love you all and you
are the greatest fans we could have asked for! BHE site coming soon so
you can join us in all our productions!

The team is discussing using what they have made and making their own
MMO based off of what you guys have suggested, except not HP related.
But lets all unite together and show WB that this is needed! WIZARDS

All hope is not lost however as a new website has surfaced promising to deliver a journey of magical wizardry with World of Magic. Very little information has been released but the developers did state that all alpha testing slots were previously filled in November and thus far, they have no official estimates on the release date.

Source: MMORPG

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