Hearthstone Golden Heroes On The Way

Over the weekend Blizzard released some teaser images for the upcoming debut of golden heroes in the highly anticipated MMOCCG, Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft. Players will need to accumulate 500 wins in Ranked Play if they hope to unlock the permanent gold skins, no easy feat in a game that sees a new meta take hold on an almost weekly basis.

Golden Heroes are coming soon to
Hearthstone! With the next patch, when you hit 500 wins in Ranked Play
mode with any given Hero, that particular Hero will become golden
permanently! Golden Heroes gain cool, unique animations to their
portrait and Hero Power. 
Look forward to gilding all of your Heroes in the finest of metals soon!

Players will be able to keep track of each individual champions progress towards the gold skin reward via the deck selection screen in Ranked Play. Outside of the unique animations and shiny appearance the gold skins will undoubtedly have an effect on lesser experienced opponents. After all, what’s more intimidating than a visual cue displaying your opponents experience and dominance with a certain character?


Source: Official Facebook

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